7/15 /1975, 4:45pm

"First arrival at MBY mooring per log of Pherousa, a Sabre 28, years later followed by Galini, a Mariner 36, then on to the dark side, Freedom, a Kady Krogan 39 trawler, and finally the worst boat ever invented, Topali, a hybrid Greenline 33. 

All, from good to outstanding to bad, lovingly tended to over the years by the MBY crew.  What a fabulous run we had there. 

I just turned 80 and infirmities of age dictate dock sailing, otherwise we'd still be there.

In addition to the competence, friendliness and welcome informality of the yard, the convenience of gorgeous destinations such as Hadleys, Cuttyhunk, Tarpaulin Cove and Oak Bluffs within a few hours sailing are very much missed by both of us.

Keep up the good work David!

Linos and Vicky Dounias.

Lexington MA"


- Linos Dounias, Lexington, MA



"I was out rowing with my dory yesterday.  Please share with your team that their painting work is impeccable.  The dory is the best it’s ever looked (aside from my rope burns on the mahogany rails.

With kind regards,

Bob Wright"


- Bob Wright, Powder Springs, GA


7/10/2015  Yamaha Referral                     

"Good afternoon! I was just over at MBY this afternoon and was speaking with Dave and he mentioned after a brief conversation that you are a new customer and that you are in need of some work on your boat. After a wonderful conversation I asked him to give me your email as he said you had never had repair work done at MBY and wanted to make sure you feel comfortable with them and the guys in the yard. I just felt it was important to let you know up front that your working with the best local Yamaha Certified Mechanics/Techs I'm aware of.  I can't say more about Milt and the others who work with him in the yard on outboards. I run my boat for a living (motor is over 3600 hours) same year as yours, and have been in a few situations when the boat needs something looked at in short notice and Milt has always come thru and looked and made it right FAST even after closing or when it might not be the best time for him or MBY because he cares. I just wanted to reach out to you and relay my contact info and just let you know upfront that you are in GENTLE hands with Dave K and the rest of the staff at MBY.  Milt will do the work (minor or major) on your outboard and you will not be disappointed, honestly he is the best at what he does....,period!

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call me.  

Good luck and keep me posted on the progress of your repair Roland! 




- Corey, Fairhaven, MA


9/1 2013:  


"You guys Rock!      


I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a pleasure it has been having you and Mattapoisett boatyard working on my boating issues this summer. You guys rock!! I really look forward to be able to keep my boat with you next year!

Best regards,



- Eric Bush, Mattapoisett, MA


"My first memories of MBY were in the late 1960s walking on the beach by the "tracks" that went into the water, in front of the boat house,Fuel dock there now. There was a huge  turtle  walking on the sand  I was trying to pick up and bring home to Wellsley  I think my father, Dick Gleason was talking to the original boat yard managers about a mooring arrangement. Turns out it was a snapping turtle and I was heartbroken not to be able to bring it home and add to my pet collection. 

First sail-boating experience at MBY was a Sea Sprite 27, "Sea Piper" I think my dad had an arrangement with another sailor to share costs ect. I remember learning to sail and having to learn to sail the boat onto the mooring over and over. I think Sea Piper had an outboard motor that always had some issue and basically never worked, We were graduating from the Oday 12 ft? sailing in Eastham, Cape Cod Bay and Lake Waban at Wellsley College back home. That was 1960s into the 1970s? There was a Bristol 30 something Bearings for a couple of seasons I think we were in Marion for 2 summers in Marion. In 1978 my dad bought  Heinzee a Pearson 36, brought her to MBY from Harwich. I remember the delivery it was raining, rough and a bunch of my high school  friends came along for the ride for fun. It was forever! My dad and brother Rich were so excited to be back in beautiful Mattapoisett. It was so quiet in comparison to Marion, also did not have the sandbar in middle of the channel I remember sitting on waiting for the tide to come back in on a couple of occasions. (probably a family secret). As far back as I can remember there was the Wed night race off of the Neds point light house. I found the starting line drama to exciting for me. My brothers and dad rarely missed a start. When I was in college in Boston I would come down to  MBY stay on Heinzee with my friends and enjoy swimming off the boat and getting away from the city. Carl Collier was always the launch driver and he was always so nice. He never told on us to my dad for having a  couple of college bashes with  several other boats rafted with Heinzee when he would show up on Sunday afternoons with my mother for an afternoon sail with my school friends. I always thought Carl was so much older then me as he was so mature. It was not until his death I discovered he was only a couple of years older then me. I always think of Carl when at MBY he was a fixture for as far back as I can remember. He must have been in high school when he started working at MBY.

My  family enjoyed sailing at MBY thru the 1990s, I only came down occasionally  during those years as I had a young family. After my fathers death in 2005 we continued to enjoy MBY but finally decided Heinzee needed to much work and possible structural issues to keep her.  Bob and I  bought Great Day in 2007, 1977 Newport 41. Over the last several years MBY, Bob, myself and my brother Rich put a lot of work into her. She won the Figawi race in 2010 after finishing close to top places prior years. Bob and I have retired from racing and enjoy cruising to all of the beautiful locations we can get to from our mooring. We also treasure sitting on the mooring and watching the sunset in Mattapoisett. The sunrise over the Light house from the harbor is magnificent as well. Bob and I have rented an apartment on North St to enjoy Mattapoisett ,be closer to the boat and cut down on the driving from Sturbridge MA."

- Molly Giordano, Sturbridge, MA



"Outboard Referral

Dave Kaiser mentioned to me that you were considering using MBY for some engine work.  Modern outboard engines are expensive and too complicated for most people to work on themselves which means that finding a good mechanic is important. We toyed around with taking ours to a “Yamaha” mechanic but after talking with other folks in the area we determined that having Milt at MBY was the best choice. He has a lot of time on Yamahas and the fact that he has worked on other brands is in my opinion beneficial.  


Milt has now cared for my engines for nine seasons.  Five of these were a Yamaha F150 I had on my previous boat and the last four he has worked on the two Yamaha F250s I have  on my current boat.  In addition to winterization he has done regular maintenance (timing belts) and handled some minor issues (shaft squeal). I don’t have any problem recommending Milt to others. 

Geoff Cowles"


- Geoff Cowles, Mattapoisett, MA


July 12, 2015  


"Quite a Following

Hi Dave

It seems you and Milt have quite the following.  ‎  Go ahead with the repairs.  I will keep you all posted on results‎.



- Roland Dion, Mattapoisett, MA



"Bottom line right up top

In more than sixty years of boating, I have never dealt with a better yard than Mattapoisett Boat Yard, and only one or two even in its class.  Forget just throwing around adjectives.  Let me give specific reasons for saying that.

We limped into MBY with crippling engine difficulties on our Nonsuch 30 at the worst possible time: June 15, Father’s Day, a Sunday, and worst of all right in the middle of every boatyard’s frantic scramble to launch all their regular customers’ boats for the season.  Two other boatyards along the way (in Stonington and Newport) had basically told us to “get lost; we’re too busy to deal with you”. 

Also up to their necks, the crew at MBY nevertheless contorted themselves to squeeze out precious time to address our problem.  Manager Dave Kaiser freed up a top mechanic, Jayce, to come aboard where he detected several critical issues.  The next morning Wayne at the parts desk double-checked the new parts needed and got them headed our way by FedEx overnight, while I myself was enlisted as a courier to take our alternator to nearby New Bedford for an overhaul.  Before I could ask, I was handed a Mapquest printout with directions to the shop where, by Dave’s prior arrangement, a same-day repair-or-replace turnaround took place.  One excessively time-consuming issue couldn’t be dealt with, but it was not critical to continuing our voyage to Maine and Jayce managed an interim fix.  In the shortest possible time imaginable, we were on our way again. 

Every single encounter with the team at MBY impressed us with expertise, eagerness, courtesy, clarity of explanation, and candor.  I sail the Maine coast and do not expect to have the benefit of MBY again any time soon, but I certainly encourage my fellow boaters in their waters to see for yourselves what a truly first-rate yard is like.

Eliot Daley

Princeton, New Jersey

Nonsuch 30 BLISS"


- Elliot Daly, Princeton, NJ